About Kapil :        

Kapil Sewing Machine is a fast growing organisation who are sole distributor for Emel brand sewing machines and also manufacturer of Kapil brand sewing machines in India. Our Major customers are located all over India for industrial and household sewing machines.
       Our range in sewing machine fulfill the requirements of all type of customers from basic requirement to highly productive machines. Our high speed machines give higher productivity and low noise which creates healthy atmosphere for manufacturing good quality products.

High Speed Heavy Material  |  Single Needle with edge Trimmer  |  Hand Stitch   |  Flatlock /Interlock  |  Zig - Zag Embroidery  |  Off the Arm Double Chain  |  Button Attaching   |  Straight Buttonholing  |  Bar Tacking   |  Double Chain Stitch  |  Garment Cutting |  Binding / Snap Button  |  Clutch Motor  |  Lockstitch TAI 103K  |  Lockstitch 95 T10  |  Lockstitch TAI Export  |  Zig Zag 130  |  Overlock  |  Household Sewing Machine  |